Stand Up Paddle Boarding offers you a fantastic overall physical workout.

If you are interested in both an aerobic workout and a strength workout

then this is the perfect sport.

The most obvious benefit of Stand Up Paddle Boarding is that it increases

your level of fitness.

It is a great sport for cross-training due to the fact that you use muscles

not only in your core areas such as your legs,

arms, back and stomach but even in your feet, toes and ankles. 

You become more coordinated as you learn to balance on the board while paddling.

Stand up paddleboarding will give you more of a workout than you realize.

The environment you paddle in will determine the intensity of your workout.

Depending on where you use your paddle board whether paddling in a pond or lake,

upstream in a river

or out on the ocean with the current and waves will determine your level of activity.

Currents in either rivers or the ocean will provide a more intense workout.

If you spend more time drifting with the tide or currents instead of paddling then

you will have a less intensive workout.

Whether you decide to take a gentle paddle in a lake, up or down a river or even get out in the surf,

Stand Up Paddle Boarding can be enjoyed wherever there is a body of water.

Break up your workout routine and enjoy the fresh air and sun. 

This exercise will add up to great health benefits.





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