Side Lying Ball Abduction Lift

Kneeling on one knee and leaning against a stability ball, with the other leg extended, slowly lift extended leg until it is parallel with your hips. Slowly lower and repeat 12 times. Then switch legs.

Side Twist Lunge With Medicine Ball

Begin in a front lunge position holding a medicine ball out in front of you and twisting it to opposite side as you lunge down.

Come back up and switch legs and rotate medicine ball to the other side. Do 20 reps.

Medicine Ball Squat

With your knees slightly bent, hold a medicine ball between your legs just above your knees.

Sit into a squat position, keeping your core tight. Come back up and repeat 12 times.

Rotation Fly On Stability Ball

Start by holding a 5-8lbs weight in each hand with your elbows up and arms bent and facing tummy down on a stability ball as pictured above.

Slowly without changing arm position, rotate arms from the shoulder to raise hands upward until your knuckles point up at the ceiling. Hold for 4 counts and lower. Repeat 10 times.

Wall Adductor

Lie on your back with your arms by your sides and your buttocks and the back of your legs together against the wall.

Contract your abs and slowly lower your legs apart until you feel a stretch. Control and slowly move legs back together and then apart again for 12 reps.

Lower Back Lift

Holding onto the handles and placing your stomach on the pad face down, contract your abs, feet together touching the floor as pictured above.

Bring your legs up keeping them together or about a foot apart as high as you can to feel a stretch in your lower back. Lower and repeat 12 times.

Kneeling Barbell Row

Start by kneeling on a mat holding a barbell shoulder width apart with both hands.

 Pull barbell up under your chest, elbows pointing back, squeezing shoulder blades together. Lower and repeat 12 times.


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