Aug 12 2012

Reduce Stress

When faced with numerous responsibilities and tasks life throws our way, relaxation techniques may take a back seat in your life.


It is very important for your own well being to make time to relax.


Relaxation techniques involve refocusing your attention on something calming and increasing awareness of your body. It doesn’t matter which relaxation technique you choose. What matters is that you try to practice relaxation regularly.



Practicing relaxation techniques can reduce stress symptoms by:

  • Slowing your heart rate

  • Lowering blood pressure

  • Slowing your breathing rate

  • Increasing blood flow to major muscles

  • Reducing muscle tension and chronic pain

  • Improving concentration

  • Reducing anger and frustration

  • Boosting confidence to handle problems


To get the most benefit, use relaxation techniques such as exercising, getting enough sleep, eating a healthy, clean diet and reaching out to supportive family and friends.



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