Revitalizing Fruit Smoothie Recipe Ingredients:  1 cup organic almond or hemp milk (unsweetened) ¼ cup frozen or fresh organic blueberries and strawberries ¼ organic banana 1/2 organic green apple 1/2 organic kiwi 1 Tbsp. ground organic flaxseed or organic chia seeds ½ cup ice Directions: Blend the ingredients until smooth. I love having this smoothie […]

ONLY 90 CALORIES!   STRAWBERRY ~ BANANA PROTEIN SMOOTHIE   1 cup organic unsweetened almond milk 1 organic banana 4 organic strawberries 2 scoops organic vanilla protein powder 3 ice cubes   Mix all ingredients in the blender. Serve.  

Feb 13 2014


JENNFIT TRX CLASS Join me Monday’s at 12:10!!! A perfect blend of cardio and weight training!

Feb 13 2014


Weighted Step Ups x 20 Mountain Climbers x30 Single Leg TRX Squat x 10 Knee Tucks on Mat x 20 KB Swings x 10 Sandbag Sit Ups x 20 Rest. Repeat x 3!

Available just in time for Valentine’s Day! ♥ Thursday and Friday at Physical Limits you can pick up an extra special organic protein ball treat in a little box with a little love note attached! Surprise someone special for Valentine’s Day! ♥ Physical Limits Fitness, 120 Ninth Street East! Inside each box is an organic chocolate […]

Feb 6 2014

Today’s Circuit

Steps Ups TRX Low Rows Walking Lunges w’ Clubbells Cable Crunches Squat Jumps Hamstring Roll In w’ Ball Plank Hold

Feb 4 2014

Interval Workout

Whether your looking to lose weight, improve performance, speed or endurance, intervals are pretty much the best way to workout. Jump Rope x 100 Single Leg Deadlift w’ KB x 10 per side Switch Lunge Jumps x 10 Assisted Pull ups x 12 Frog Jumps x 10 Bicep Curls x 20 Squats Jumps x 10 […]

This is a great workout for building strength, and accelerating fat loss. It combines the use of compound strength exercises with dynamic bursts of cardio for a total body interval workout routine. 20 reps of each exercise. Rest, then repeat for 3 sets. 1.  Burpees 2. Walking Lunges 3. Push-ups 4. Frog hops 5.  Russian […]

Feb 4 2014

Age Better

Age better ~ Greater muscle mass percentage means better mobility, lower body weight and lower fat mass. Get strong now to help you stay leaner, maintain bone mass and limit the aches and pains of aging.

Feb 3 2014

Today’s Workout

Walking Dumbbell Lunges Squats Side Lunges w’ Lateral Raise V-Ups Alternating Step Ups Squat Pulses 1 minute on~30 seconds rest. Repeat circuit 3 times.