Apr 2 2011

I Like It ~Workout

1. The Spider

Works: Core, chest, triceps and hips

Get on hands and knees, and walk your hands out to a push up position. Straighten your legs so you are now in a plank or push
up stance.
(Shown) Keeping your glutes down, slowly draw your left knee up the outside of your body, taking it out toward your left elbow in “spider-man” style.  Then bend at the elbows and lower body to the floor a little more.

Come back up straightening at the elbows and lower your left leg back down, bringing feet together and switch sides. Complete 10 repetitions with each leg. You can also do this moving slowly rotating arms and legs across the floor like “Spider-man”.

2. Sumo Sky Squat

Works: hips, glutes, thighs, triceps and core

Stand with feet more than shoulder width apart and toes angled outward. Place one dumbbell in each hand at shoulder height. (For proper form throughout this move, engage your core by keeping your back neutral and pulling in your belly button.)

(Shown) Looking straight ahead, drop your tailbone down into a deep squat (be careful your knees do not go beyond your toes). Straighten your arms above your head.
Then as you come up, squeezey our glutes and inner thighs. Do 10 reps.

 3. Bridge to Everywhere

Works: Glutes, hamstrings, triceps and shoulders

Lie on your back on the mat, your feet on the floor with knees bent. Cross one foot over your knee, pressing the other knee wide out. Take a dumbbell in each hand and hold at your shoulders.

(Shown) Pressing your foot into the floor, lift your hips and tighten your glutes at the top of the movement—your leg will act as resistance. As you lift your glutes, push the dumbbells toward the ceiling.

Now holding the bridge position, lower arms toward your head as pictured above to work triceps.Lower glutes back to the floor, and straighten your arms arm back toward the ceiling, keeping elbow in line with shoulder. Do 10 reps and then switch legs.

4. One Leg Tri-Fly

Works:Glutes, hips, triceps and core

Start with one dumbbell in each hand, arms at your sides. (Shown) Balance on one leg, and lift the other leg behind you
in “airplane pose”—the leg is extended in the air straight from the hip,squeeze glutes. 

Balancing on that leg, then straighten your arms behind you into a “triceps kickback.” Pause for a second. Bring arms back in, return to standing. Repeat 10 times, switch sides.

5. Scissors

Works: Core, obliques, arms

Lie on your back, with one weight in each hand. Raise your knees so that your feet and knees are in the air (reverse tabletop position).

Then, straighten one arm to the ceiling. (Shown) Extend right leg out toward the floor, so it hovers an inch above the floor, while drawing left knee. Return to starting position. Switch arms and legs. Alternate 10 times.




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