May 23 2011

Hard Body Workout

1)Side To Side Knee Ups

Start standing a little more than hip width apart with your hands behind your head.

Lift one leg up to the side and bring your elbow on the same side to touch it. Keep your core tight.

Repeat on opposite side. Do 10 knee ups on each side.

2)Single Leg Squat With Dumbbell Curl

Hold a dumbbell in each hand, palms facing up in a curl. Balance on one leg.

Squat down on that leg as you extend your arms down (twisting arms so that palms face toward you). Keep your back straight. Raise up again and curl arms up to your shoulders. Do 10 reps on that leg.

Repeat on opposite leg for 10 reps.

3)Plank Mogul

Start in high plank position, arms under your shoulders.

Keeping your abs tight, bend knees and jump up slightly and about a foot or so to one side. Jump feet back to starting position and repeat on other side. Repeat, alternating sides for 30 reps.

4)Side To Side Ab Crunch With Medicine Ball

Standing hip width apart, holding a medicine ball over your head.

Keeping your abs tight, lean your body from your waist up over to one side as pictured above. Come back to the middle and lean over to opposite side.

5)Medicine Ball Squat

Standing a little more than hip width apart, holding a medicine ball behind your head with both hands.

Squat down and bring medicine ball up and over your head and straight out in front of you at shoulder height. Reverse motion and repeat for 15 squats.


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