Mar 27 2012

Battle Rope Workout


Rope training is training with ropes, of different weights and sizes,

to improve physical health, strength, power and endurance.

Rope training is good for those:

Looking to improve fitness and conditioning,

looking to do high intensity activity with very little joint impact, 

looking to add variety to their training regime.

Rope training can be done as an entire session on its own,

at the end of a weight training session, or combined with a circuit program.

Typically you should start off with 5-10 reps of your chosen pattern,

and then progress to 20 second,

and then 45 seconds,

 and then 1 minute working intervals.

Example Rope Training Workout

(3 different movements,3 sets of each movement)

(30 seconds work with 10 seconds rest between sets, 1 minute rest between movements)

3 x 30 Alternating Arms (Up/Down)

3 x 30 Two Arms together (Up/Down)

3 x 30 Snake (Arms left to right, apart and together)

The great thing with rope training is that your imagination is the limit.

You can change up movement patterns, single arm/double arm/sitting down/on your knees.

You can manipulate rest times, work times, fast movements, slower bigger movements.

It really is a great addition to any training program.

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  • Battle ropes are fantastic for conditioning. My favorite thing about them is that there are so many movement variations you can do to get a full body workout. Not to mention they’re low impact on the joints…always a welcome benefit of any training tool!

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