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Nov 29 2013

Exercise Band Circuit

Donkey Kicks Leg Knee Lifts Front Raise with Squat Bridge Glute Lift Perform 15 reps per leg for the first 2 exercises and 20 reps each for the last 2. Rest. Repeat 3 times.

Nov 28 2013

  When words are left unspoken, trust that a heart will know. ♥

Nov 28 2013

Legs Circuit

  Use 40lbs KB’s and 15lbs dumbbells for this workout. Repeat circuit 3 times. Walking Lunges with Hammer Curls KB Plie Squats x 10 Single Leg KB Deadlifts x 10 per leg Switch Lunges x 10 Single Leg Hamstring Roll In with Stability Ball x 10 per leg

Nov 22 2013

Top 10 Circuit


Nov 22 2013

Calves Workout

  What is planted in each person’s soul will sprout. ♥ Jump Rope 2 Minutes Standing Calf Raises x 20 Side To Side Hops x 20 Standing Calf Raises x 20 Jumping Jacks 2 Minutes Standing Calf Raises x 20  Squats On Toes x 20 Jump Rope 2 Minutes REST. REPEAT.

Nov 21 2013

Full Body Burn

  People can only see what is in your heart through your actions. ♥