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Oct 30 2013

Squats Challenge


Oct 26 2013

Stretching & Warm Up

Stretching can mean the difference between having a year of great workouts and a year of sporadic, off and on training due to battling injuries that could have easily been prevented. Stretching will condition your muscles to move with less stress on the fibers. You can get a proper stretch by holding it for 10 […]

Start by standing about 2 feet in front of the step, facing away, feet hip width apart, hands holding the kettlebells (or hands on your hips without the weight.) Lift one leg and place top of that foot on the step behind you. Slowly lower into a single leg squat, keeping your front knee behind […]

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Oct 25 2013


My ballet inspired workout to lengthen, tone and strengthen your muscles. Warm Up 25 Jumping Jacks, Standing Hamstring Stretch, 30 Seconds High Knees, 25 Jumping Jacks STEP UP W’ LEG LIFTS x 10 per side REVERSE LUNGE W’ FRONT KICK x 10 per side LATERAL LEG LIFT x 10 per side PLIE SQUAT JUMP x […]

Oct 25 2013

Yoga Glow Workout

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High Intensity Interval Training Workouts -repeated bouts of short to moderate duration exercise -performed with intensity greater than the anaerobic threshold -combined with low intensity or passive rest period… -stresses the body physiologically -results in long term adaptation -improves metabolic and energy effieciency Bottom line…HIIT burns fat.

  1. Start standing in mountain pose, breathing deeply. Fold forward and bend your knees as much as you need to bring your hands to your mat. Hands are shoulder width apart, fingers spread wide. 2. Walk your feet up as close as you can behind your wrists. Begin to rise up onto the balls […]