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Apr 11 2013

Plump Glutes Circuit

  50 SQUATS 30 WALKING LUNGES 10 JUMP SQUATS 30 ALTERNATING SIDE LUNGES 50 GLUTE BRIDGE LIFTS 50 DONKEY KICKS (25 Per Leg) REST. REPEAT 3 TIMES. * I added 7lbs ankle weights for a little extra plump! *

30 MINUTE INTERVAL CIRCUIT 1 minute high knees 30 second rest 1 minute bicep curls  30 seconds rest 1 minute jumping jacks 30 seconds rest 1 minute triceps push ups on knees 30 seconds rest 1 minute squat jumps 30 seconds rest 1 minute crunches 30 seconds rest 1 minute mountain climbers 30 seconds rest […]

Leave footprints of love wherever you go. ♥

Apr 3 2013

Full Body Circuit

Complete each exercise, rest 1-3 minutes and repeat 2 more times. Side Bodyweight Lunge 20 x Per Side Bridge Off Step With Alternating Dumbbell Chest Press x 20 Plank With Alternating Lateral Dumbbell Raise x 20 Alternating Forward Lunges x 20 Medicine Ball Push Ups x 20 Dumbbell Russian Twist x 30 Reps Legs Lifts On Crossfit Rings […]

   10 PUSH UPS (on knees) 24 BICEP BURNERS (8 full bicep curls, 8 curls half way up, 8 curls half way down) 20 ALTERNATING DUMBBELL SHOULDER PRESSES 10 PUSH UPS 15 TRICEP DIPS 15 TRX BACK ROWS 10 PUSH UPS (feet on stability ball) 20 ALTERNATING LATERAL WEIGHT PLATE RAISES 20 ALTERNATING TRICEP KICKBACKS […]

Love has tremendous healing power. It is a powerful vibration. When you are filled with love, those vibrations are so strong that people around you will feel better in your presence. You will think that others have changed, but they are only responding to your positive vibration. ♥…they are your mirror.