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 I performed this workout on the beach this morning. If you’re in the mood for a challenge give this one a try. 20 pushups 30 seconds Mountain Climber 20 squats 30 seconds high knee run 20 alternating reverse lunges 30 seconds Mountain Climber 20 tricep dips 30 seconds squat jumps one minute walking lunges 30 seconds Mountain Climber Repeat the […]

Mar 13 2012

Beach Body Workout

  Repeat 2-3 times.

   Repeat this circuit 2-3 times, with 1 minute rest between rounds. 30 Mountain Climbers  20 Walking Lunges 10 Push Ups 10 Burpees 10 Tricep Dips 10 Squat Jumps 1 Minute Plank

Mar 10 2012

Total Toning Circuit

  Breakdown Lunge with single arm row Pushups Stationary lunges Upright Row Squat (or squat jump) Tricep kickback Walking lunge and bicep curl Plank and Row Take breaks when needed. Try for 15 reps of each exercise. Once you finish all eight exercises in the circuit take a break and then repeat the circuit for a total […]

  Ingredients 2 cups of organic Brussels sprout leaves (outer leaves from Brussels sprouts) 2 tablespoons of melted organic butter sea salt to taste lemon zest (optional) Directions Preheat oven to 350°F. Mix the leaves, butter, and sea salt together in a large bowl.  Line two large baking trays with parchment paper. Divide the leaves evenly […]

Mar 8 2012

Dream BIG!

The point of this post is to teach you that a simple thing like doing pull ups can help transform  your physique into what you’ve always wanted. I’ve learned that the best exercises are the most difficult ones. Isn’t that shocking? I would say pull ups are one of the more difficult exercises out there and that is […]

Burn belly fat and lose inches with delicious healthy meals that will get you bikini ready but won’t leave you feeling hungry. Choose from these meals and snacks for maximum metabolism boosting. Combine this diet with a strength workout 3-4 times per week and you’ll drop 10 pounds in one month. This is a sample of a similar diet […]

  Ingredients: 1/2 cup raw soaked (1 hour), and rinsed, organic cashews 1 organic lemon, freshly squeezed handful organic basil leaves 2 big cloves garlic organic onion powder for taste fresh ground pepper to taste 1/2 cup organic olive oil Directions: (Prepare zucchini fettuccine with vegetable spiral slicer. Set aside in a bowl.)  Blend all ingredients above together in a […]