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Apr 11 2011

Spicy Yam Fries

Yams or Sweet Potatoes are a ideal alternative to regular white potato french fries, especially when baked, not fried. Try these as a side dish with BBQ chicken and a fresh salad. Ingredients: 3-4 pounds organic YAMS (red-skinned sweet potatoes) 4 tablespoons organic extra virgin COCONUT OIL, liquified 1 teaspoon GARLIC POWDER  3/4 teaspoon SEA SALT (or to taste) 1 […]

This is a RAW treat that you can serve as a healthy dessert option. Great for children’s (or adults) birthday parties. They are great because they are only bite sized cakes. Use all organic ingedients of course! THE CRUST In food processor, blend the following until a sticky crust forms: 3/4 cup raw MACADAMIA NUTS 1/8 cup […]

Here is an exercise challenge that I saw someone doing and I thought it would be fun to share. What a great idea to change it up a bit and try something new. CHALLENGE: Try getting up into a headstand and holding for 5 seconds. Keep your core tight as to work it completely. Come down and repeat […]

Apr 8 2011

Young At Heart

If you want to be young at heart… LIVE. LAUGH. LOVE. A heart that loves is always young. ~ Greek Proverb

Apr 6 2011

Addicted ~ Workout

Push Up On Ball Get into a plank position on stability ball, hands under your shoulders. Slowly come down and then push yourself back up repeating 12 times. Half Lunge Dumbbell Twist Take one step forward in a half lunge position holding a light dumbbell one end in each hand straight out in front of […]

These are fun, delicious and nutritious dessert recipes, great for children and the whole family. Make sure to use ORGANIC ingredients!       Frozen Banana And Coconut Popsicles   Frozen banana popsicles are easy to prepare, fun to make with kids and a sweet substitute for ice cream or other popsicles. If you’d like to make them ahead […]

  There are now a wide range of alternative flours for those that require a gluten free diet. These flours can be purchased at specialty stores. Farmboy, Baxtrom’s Independant Grocer and Sharron’s Pantry have gluten free, wheat free and dairy free sections. If you are gluten and wheat intolerant or you just want a healthier diet […]

Apr 6 2011

Made With Love

We can do no great things, only small things with great love. ~ Mother Teresa

Side Ab Crunch On Stability Ball Sit on a stability ball and lean back with your hands behind you head. Come up, keeping abs tight and slowly twist to one side. Lower and twist to the other side. Do 20 twists. Knee Tuck On Stabilty Ball Get into a plank position with your shines resting […]

Start by warming up for 10 minutes on a spinning bike. 1) Dumbbell Row Start by standing next to a bench with one knee resting on the bench and the other leg touching the floor. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and bend over as pictured above resting one dumbbell on the bench. Keep your back […]