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Artichokes make a great appetizer, or a light, fun meal for one. They’re complicated to eat, but absolutely worth the effort. The best way to acquaint yourself with this sweet plant, is simply to experiment one day! The two parts of an artichoke that are edible are the flesh inside the leaves and the heart. Follow these tips… […]

Apr 23 2011

Bootylicious Workout

Try this 20 minute workout to tighten and lift your behind. Do an exercise for 15 reps and then do 1 minute of skipping between sets. Rest for 60 seconds after each skipping set, then go on to the next exercise. Repeat for 2-3 rounds. 1)Forward/Backward Knee Up Lunge Start in a back lunge, arms at your sides, […]

Use this as a bedtime routine to help your mind switch off and ease out the stresses that have gathered in your neck and shoulders and body during the day, so when you finally get into bed, you can feel like you left behind some tension and preoccupations. This short yoga routine can calm the nervous […]

The bridge exercise works your abs and core strength, as well as your back and buttocks. The bridge exercise takes a lot of work to stabilize your body in this position, and a lot of muscles come into play in order to keep you from moving. The burn is mostly felt in the abs, but this […]

This is a build-able salad that is easy to make, healthy, vibrant, POWERFUL, and full of delicious ingredients bursting with nutrition. Ingredients: Organic lettuce of your choice, torn into bite sized pieces, baby spinach, arugula, mixed salad greens, kale, etc. organic alfalfa sprouts, broccoli sprouts or sunflower sprouts organic artichoke hearts organic cucumber slices organic avocado organic […]

Apr 19 2011

Every Chance

  You’ll never do a whole lot if you’re not brave enough to try. ~ Dolly Parton

Certain Pilates exercises can be completed with a piece of equipment called a resistance band. Resistance bands can be combined with circuit training for a well-rounded workout. If you are looking for some exercises to do with them that will tone and tighten your body, Pilates bands lend themselves to a wide variety of exercises and […]

Make sure to get a serving of omega-3 fatty acids every day, whether it’s from food, like organic salmon, or an organic supplement. Omega-3s are needed for brain functioning and may reduce your risk for depression.

Apr 18 2011

S.O.S Abs

Abdominal exercises help strengthen your abs and provide core stability. Your core is where all movement in your body originates. The abs help support and protect the internal organs and aid in breathing, especially exhaling. Also, these muscles work with the back to control trunk motion, such as twisting and bending. If you have not done […]

Apr 18 2011

Something Wonderful

  Remember that something incredibly WONDERFUL is always possible.